My name is Austine Wood Comarow, I create Polarized Light Art, which I call Polage® art, a term I coined from polarized light collage. All my work starts as a drawing. Then I follow the drawing, cutting various thicknesses of clear colorless cellulose in the form of cellophane into hundreds of tiny pieces at different angles, laminating each piece between polarizing filters.

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Austine at Work

Austine cuts hundreds of tiny pieces of optically active films into shapes forming a colorful image, much as stained glass artists cut glass.  Angle and thickness determines the color.

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Two views of Peaceable Kingdom (3). Left: first image; Right: second image

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Interactive Polage Art in Action

Polage® art may be interactive, kinetic, or passively viewed like stained glass. Austine prefers to work in all three modes because each image is conceived to convey a particular idea or feeling. This video demonstrates several types of viewers that can be used to participate in interactive Polage® artwork.  We have also incorporated viewers into windows, glass partitions, hanging sculptures and motorized kiosks.

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