My name is Austine Wood Comarow, I create Polarized Light Art, which I call Polage® art, a term I coined from polarized light collage. All my work starts as a drawing. Then I follow the drawing, cutting various thicknesses of clear colorless cellulose in the form of cellophane into hundreds of tiny pieces at different angles, laminating each piece between polarizing filters.

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Over the past few months I have been working with wonderful clients, the Hubers, to create a special commission for their house. Dan Huber is a musician and wanted to express the fun and joy of playing in a live venue. I experimented with ways to depict a ballroom mirrored ball to capture the party atmosphere. Once I worked that out, I filled out the scene with partiers and then overlaid an image of Dan playing his saxophone.

David created a one-of-kind LCD device that not only lights the piece, but causes it to change continually without using any moving parts. David had to devise a way to join a number of individual LCD panels to make one larger piece. And it worked! Now it is proudly displayed in the Huber’s living room! Thanks so much, Dan and Debbie for trusting me to create this special piece for you!

Stay tuned for the next big project.