“Mastering the Mysteries of Light”

Polage® Art Exhibit

Springs Preserve, July 15—Sept 17

More and more, I find the day’s news drives me to seek some refuge. In my art I turn away from harsh and confusing events of the world, toward beauty and understanding. Ever since studying art in the 1960’s, I have made art that rebels against the ugly and the profane. Back then, aesthetically pleasing and realistic art was not in fashion. Artists were encouraged to create abstract expressionist or political art, and the more cacophonous and harsh the result, the more highly valued it seemed to be.  See the rest of  this post….




Hi, I’m Austine Wood Comarow. I create Polarized Light Art, which I call Polage® art, a term I coined from “polarized light collage.” All my work starts as a drawing. I then follow the drawing, cutting many different thicknesses of clear, colorless cellulose into hundreds of tiny pieces at different angles, laminating each piece between polarizing filters. The result, when viewed in polarized light is an image made of pure light and color. I use no pigments whatsoever.

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