Austine at the Opening, Polage Art Exhibit

“Mastering the Mysteries of Light”

Springs Preserve, Las Vegas on view through Sept 18, 2016
Posted on: August 6th, 2016 by Erika Wood

Interview with Austine and look at her exhibit of Polage Art entitled “Mastering the Mysteries of Light” at Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. The show is being presented in conjunction with a major touring exhibition called “Playing with Light”.

The exhibit of Austine’s Polage® Art is both a retrospective and a show of new works.

“Mastering the Mysteries of Light” will be on view at the Springs Preserve until Sept. 17th 2016. Video by Paul Bean of Joshua Tree Productions and the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas.

Learn more about the “Playing with Light” exhibition and plan your visit to Springs Preserve:

And be sure to visit us at to learn more about Polage art, the artist Austine Wood-Comarow, inventor of the art form, and even learn a little about the physics behind the magic.