About the Artwork: Interviews With Austine

What makes the color in Polage® art?

Austine explains where the colors come from.

“The interesting thing about [Polage® art] is that there are no pigments or dyes involved. It is entirely a way of breaking up white light into the component colors.”

Materials Used to Make a Polage® Artwork.

Austine talks about the materials she uses and what attracts her to them.

Why make the Art involve the onlooker?

Austine talks about visual overload and her minimalist interactive work.

“I feel compelled to make something that is sort of restful and a break from [visual overload].”

Austine Working.

Austine works on “Breaking the Surface” in her studio.

This is one of 3 large interactive Polage installations that she calls “Faux Minimalist”. At first glance they could be “Dan Flavin meets Carl Andre,” but once viewed through a filter burst into a riotous colorful, organic image.