Interviews and Testimonials

Videos about Austine

Curator Kristan McKinnsey talks about Austine’s 43 year Retrospective at Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences, Peoria, Il, Spring 2009.

Documentary about making of the Boston Museum of Science Polage installation in 1987

Testimonials about Austine

  • “Austine’s dazzling Polage® installations set the bar for contemporary optical art domestically and abroad.” Rufus Butler Seder, Optical Artist and Author of “Gallup”
  • “Austine is that very rare breed: artist and inventor. Her pioneering polarized light installations, containing mysteriously transforming images and luminous, changing colors—are simply without comparison.” Rufus Butler Seder, Optical Artist and Author of “Gallup”
  • “This work by Austine Wood Comarow is a perfect for us. … We like the way visitors can enjoy it as art, or delve into the science behind it and understand the magic of the art.” Kristen McKinsey, Curator, Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, IL
  • “Austine is the preeminent artist working with polarized light.” Dr. Edwin Land, Boston
  • “We love our Austine’s Polages and have been collecting her work for 20 years!”  Larry and Donna Packer, Las Vegas
  • “Austine’s Labyrinthe de Lumière Polage installation was the perfect exhibition for our museum to celebrate 200 years of French science and technology.” Joël de Rosnay, La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie; Paris
  • “We have Austine’s Polage art throughout our house. It is some of the most prized art in our collection.” Dr. Robert Kessler, Boulder City, Nevada
  • “Austine’s art is soothing and transformative.” Children’s Hospital Director
  • “We love having a changing artwork of Austine’s in our patient waiting room.” Dr. George Rosenbaum, DDS, Boulder City, Nevada
  • “I was pleased to commission a Polage as as an out-going gift to our retiring Chairman. I own several myself.” Wolf Schmidt, former CEO, Rubbermaid
  • “We have placed Austine’s amazing changing art in several hospital environments over the years. They are therapeutic and calming—the perfect decor for waiting and recovery rooms.” Health Care Facility Designer
  • “The first time you see an interactive Polage through a polarizing filter, all you can do is say “Oh Wow!” San Diego Art Collector
  • “Austine’s huge Polage installation is one of our most popular and prominent exhibits.” Larry Ralph, Boston Museum of Science
  • “[T]he design team is very happy with [the ceiling Polages], the frame is very nice looking and the images are so colorful! The images are very cute in their nature design themes and go well with the tones used in the room and hopefully will so other the patients as they go in for Surgery, distracting them from anxiety and maybe their families a bit too. A nice alternative to cartoons for the patient and/or family who doesn’t appreciate the noise, etc. associated with television.”
  • “The waiting room image goes well with the tones used in the space and provides patients with something to look at while their parents/guardians check them in for their treatment.Thanks so much! It was good working with you. You are very responsive.” Jennifer Smith, AIA, BWBR ARCHITECTS, INC.
  • “[T]he detailing on the ceiling pieces is nicely done. The images work well with the overall nature theme that . . . BWBR helped us develop”. Elizabeth Closner, Construction Consulting Partners, Inc, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare