Support for Privately Owned Polage® Artwork

Support for Privately Owned Polage® Artwork

Austine has made many improvements to the materials and techniques in making Polage art over the years. In the early days, availability of polarizing filter was limited and the quality was inconsistent. Now, because it is used in a wide range of display products, much higher quality materials are available. Some of the early work, especially if in a humid climate, may have lost some of its polarization. The polarizer we use now is sealed against moisture and can be used to completely restore the work. In some cases, the colors will be more vibrant than when they were originally made. In addition, Austine can re-laminate most early works and cover them with a UV barrier film that will seal the work from environmental degradation.

The cost for restoration depends on the amount of damage, complexity and size of the piece. Please contact the studio to discuss your situation. If you can email photographs of your piece, that can be very helpful. We want your work to be perfect and enjoyed for generations. So please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

Contact Austine Studios via e-mail or call (702) 260-1600 Tuesday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time to obtain an RMA and arrange shipment of your Polage art to Austine Studios.

Issues related to Your Motorized Lightbox

We have made motorized light boxes since the early 1980’s. Over the years we have made dramatic improvements to components and design to assure long life. While we have selected components to last as long as possible, lights and motors, of course, have a finite life and will need to be replaced from time to time. We highly recommend returning your light box for renovation if the motor has worn out. We will fully restore the mechanism to modern standards, replacing the lamp and motor, as well as any other components as needed.

12 inch and 19 inch Motorized Light Boxes

If you find that the image no longer changes on your 12 or 19 inch box, we will replace your motor and completely refurbish your light box to new standards, including an energy-saving electronic ballast. The charge of $195 plus return shipping for the 12″ light boxes and $225 plus return shipping for the 19” light boxes includes a new motor, light bulb, ballast and any additional parts and cleaning as needed*. (shipping instructions).

*Does not include parts or repairs resulting from damage due to improper owner servicing or other external causes.

Contact Austine Studios via e-mail or call (702) 260-1600 Tuesday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time to obtain an RMA and arrange shipment of your lightbox to Austine Studios.

NOTE: Please DO NOT SHIP YOUR LIGHT BOX WITHOUT AN RMA NUMBER. We cannot accept any packages that do not have an RMA number. Be very careful to properly package your light box with adequate padding. Kindly DO NOT USE STYROFOAM PEANUTS as they get into everything and often cause more damage then they prevent. Instead, make rolls of bubble wrap and place them around the light box. Be sure there is at least 2 inches between all parts of the light box and the carton. Use a high quality cardboard box and fully insure the package for replacement value. If you have any questions about packing your light box, please call the studio.

If you are handy and wish to tackle motor replacement yourself, you may order the motor directly from this website along with detailed instructions for $75, plus $10 shipping (in the Continental U.S.). Please note, if you install the motor yourself, there is no warranty. Again, we HIGHLY recommend you send the lightbox to the studio for refurbishment.

26 inch to 48 inch Motorized Light Boxes

If you have a larger piece in need of attention, please call the studio. There are a wide range of light box designs from 26 inch to 48 inch diameter. While they all use the same motor, they also require the replacement of edge bearings and other components which are normally not appropriate for do-it-yourself replacement. Moreover, we have made significant design changes to the mechanism which must be carried out in the studio. If you are extremely technically adept, you may want to tackle such a job, but we cannot warrant the outcome. The motors for 26 inch through 48 inch diameter Polage light boxes are $ 250 plus shipping.

Contact Austine Studios via e-mail or call (702) 260-1600 Tuesday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time to obtain an RMA and arrange shipment of your lightbox to Austine Studios.

Issues Related to Your Liquid Crystal Frame

Liquid Crystal Polages are new. The very first ones were shown publicly at the Lakeview Museum of Arts & Sciences in Peoria, IL in 2009. We developed Liquid Crystal Polages specifically to have a long trouble-free life, to be lighter and less bulky.

There are 6 major parts to Liquid Crystal Polages: 1) The Polage art itself, 2) the Liquid Crystal Panel, 3) the LED Light Panel, 4) the Electronic Circuit Board, 5) the 12 volt power supply and 6) the Frame.

If the light isn’t coming on, or if the image isn’t changing, please call the studio Tuesday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm Pacific Time so we can walk you through narrowing down the cause. At this time we do not permit do-it-yourself repairs. This may change as we get more experience with the Liquid Crystal Polages. The electronics, Liquid Crystal panel and artwork are guaranteed for 10 years. The LED light panel is guaranteed for 5 years. We expect them to last much longer, but we do not have long-term experience with them yet.

It’s important to realize that the art itself is separate and distinct from the light mechanism. If the LED panel or liquid crystal panel ever need replacing, they are relatively inexpensive to replace.


Interactive Polages come with one or more hand-held viewers. All Motorized Light Box Polages that are held by clips on the front of the frame may be turned around and viewed interactively through a hand-held viewer (or polarized sunglasses), but you need to stop the motor at the point where the light is the brightest.

You can order new viewers, with or without handles here.

To answer other questions, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Specialized Viewers

Austine continues to design unusual viewers which can be used with interactive Polaes in a variety of ways. Some of these will be offered on this site. Please see the Viewer Category on the Available Work page.


If you are from one of the many science and art museums with permanent installations, please call the studio to discuss service and maintenance.

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