Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

St Paul, Minnesota

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul Minnesota commissioned Austine to create 10 pieces for the ceilings of preoperative and recovery rooms. The intent was to “distract” the children confronted with the very scary prospects awaiting them. This is the first major installation in which Austine used her new “liquid crystal” type Polage® art. The artwork continually changes but has no moving parts. In this video Austine explains a bit of the history of this commission and what she was thinking about when she created it.

Austine has created several children’s hospital installations including this and for the San Diego Children’s Hospital.

Two liquid crystal panels forming one image in the ceilings of 10 Pre-op and Post-op rooms. Frame is white Corian that fits in the ceiling where a normal fluorescent light would be.

The two views of the ceiling panels depicted show a slow change between the two allowing the children to discover new animals as some disappear.