Large Theme Park

Project for a large theme park in France

5 x 10 feet. One-of-a-Kind.
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You get a sense of the scale of this piece when you note the two men holding it on either side. The designers of the theme park were looking to reference 12th and 13th century gothic stained-glass windows in France. Working closely with the designers, Austine created this one of a kind installation for the castle windows. This piece is not interactive in the standard sense. The Polage was installed with a hidden light source, the morphing is automatic due to a motorized filter inside the wall. In this way, the viewer encounters a window that, at each glance, appears to have been changed. Only when the viewer watches carefully, can the gradual change be detected.Polage echoes the traditional look of an ancient stained-glass window, yet brings in the magical and modern element of morphing change.