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The image is created the same way as my other Polage art but the continuous changes are caused not with a motor but with electronic signals to a special liquid crystal panel specially made for this purpose. The work can be programmed so the change complements the work or to match the environment in which it will be displayed. The light source is a very energy-efficient LED panel. Compared with the artist’s motorized light boxes this new type of Polage® art is lighter and thinner and has no moving parts.

This piece can be hung just like a framed painting. 16.5″ x 16.6″ x 1.5″

These elegant new Liquid Crystal frame allows you to view the artwork changing before your eyes.  You can also turn the art around and view it interactively through a hand held filter.

Gallery at lower right shows still photographs of various views of Attraction.

The music accompanying this video is not a part of the artwork. It is added as a soundtrack for the Internet only.