Desert Designed II

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by

“On our many trips throughout New Mexico, I am always impressed by how much the beautiful geometric designs on the Indian pottery and woven blankets is a reflection of Nature’s own handiwork. In this work I have integrated traditional painting with my polarized light medium.” — Austine

“Desert Designed II” reflects the parallels of the fabric of our striking Southwest landscape and traditional Native American weaving. Austine’s work is created with thousands of tiny pieces of cut clear cellulose and polarizing filter a special light box containing fluorescent lights a motor and a large rotating polarizing filter and a hand-painted matte frame. This work is completely hand-made by the artist who also painted the frame image in acrylic on wood.

Original Polage® art, 43″ x 43″. The music accompanying this video is included only in the video and is not part of the art work.
The music accompanying this video is not a part of the artwork. It is added as a soundtrack for the Internet only.