Peaceable Kingdom

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by

The title of this work is borrowed from a primitive American painter, Edward Hicks, a Pennsylvania Quaker who created a series of paintings depicting fanciful juxtapositions of a animals such as lions and lambs. Here, Austine is depicting the confluence of human figures with nature, calling for peaceful coexistence of humans with our the environment. The installation exposes the fluorescent lighting and motorized mechanism which give the work life, but reflects the industrial nature of our society. The industrial “high-tech” frame also accentuates the conflict between nature and mankind’s activities. “Much of my work is a call to pay attention to the impact we are having on the biosphere. We cannot help but leave our footprints, but we need to work at minimizing our impact and work toward a sustainable society.” — Austine

The music accompanying this video is not a part of the artwork. It is added as a soundtrack for the Internet only. Your comments are welcome.