Replacement Motor

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 by

Some lightboxes made five years ago or more and heavily used may experience motor difficulties. If you find that the image no longer changes on your 12 or 19 inch box, you can get your motor replaced by sending the box to Austine Studios. The charge of $195 for a 12 inch light and $225 for a 19 inch light box (plus Shipping) for this replacement includes a complete refurbishment of the lightbox–including a new light bulb and any cleaning or repairs as might be necessary.

If you are handy and wish to do the motor replacement yourself, you may order the motor directly from this website along with detailed instructions for $75, plus $10 shipping (total of $85.00).

Please note that these prices are for the 12 or 19 inch Polages only. If you have a larger piece in need of attention, please call the studio. If your motor needs replacement, contact Austine Studios via e-mail or U.S. Post or call (702) 260-1600 to arrange shipment of the lightbox to Austine Studios or of the motor to you.